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News organizations try to address this by dutifully reporting 8775 both sides of the story. 8776 But too often journalists become merely stenographers who seem unable to use their insight, presence and knowledge to uncover and report what is really true. Instead, as Jay has said, they adopt the 8775 view from nowhere 8776 and fall into the trap of false equivalence. When this happens, news consumers who are looking for truth have every reason not to trust the press.

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But I also wonder whether one problem is that for very good reasons we don 8767 t believe in the narrative of America anymore, and the press is about that narrative. We believe in America whcih is different. But the narrative the press is telling (often from cities isolated from much of America) is unfamiliar to the country.

Rosen's Trust Puzzler: What Explains Falling Confidence in

First, what do we mean in no. 6 by 8775 power? 8776 What I usually mean by power as a sapling student of discourse theory is the power of people to tell other people what to do, usually through law though at the same time, the power of people to democratically ensure that such orders aren 8767 t tyrannical. Seeing as how this is Jay Rosen 8767 s blog, and Jay 8767 s theory is influenced by Hannah Arendt, for a brief moment let 8767 s reconstruct 8775 power 8776 according to the important discourse theory of democracy offered a couple decades back by Jürgen Habermas, a work of theory which also draws strongly from Arendt.

International Baccalaureate - Province of British Columbia

Vancouver Island Workshop on Social Thinking Meets RTI and PBS TM

Where: Mary Winspear Centre, Sidney, BC - map and directions
Presenter : Gretchen Schmidt-Mertes, . in Special Education Member of the Social Thinking Collaborative (in association with Marcia Garcia Winner)
Fee : Early bird rate ends January 65, 7568
For more information, click here.

Award-winning Lexia Reading aligns with the Three-Tier Response to Intervention (RTI) Model. Lexia Reading is based on an Orton-Gillingham approach and works with all students: ages 9 to adult. A Reading Diagnostic Test is included.

The workshop will be held on Wednes day, April 7 , 7569 at the Schou Educational Center in Burnaby, and is applicable for K-67 classroom teachers, learning assistance/resource teachers and paraprofessionals.

699 A parent signature may be required, either on the actual application form, or through some other avenue to assure the OIIS that parents are aware the school has applied for funding for their child.

Make your own card holder
Do your students have little hands that can't hold cards? Or perhaps your students have fine motor difficulties? The problem we had was children being able to hold all those cards and keep them organized and focus on the game. For instructions, see http://

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