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It gets just as hot and dry on a farm as it does in a suburban backyard, and a stray spark ignites flammable material just as easily. The only difference is that most farms are open land, and thus may be a bit breezier than a suburban backyard in which trees break the wind. Once ignited, a fire may spread faster and farther in a farm&rsquo s field than in a sheltered suburban backyard.

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As illustrated in the diagram above, the Central Executive coordinates the work of three systems by organizing the information we hear, see, and store into working memory.

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&ldquo I really feel strongly that we just shouldn&rsquo t be a country where people have to file for bankruptcy, or worse, because they have a medical emergency,&rdquo Heenan said.

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He&rsquo s also trying to beat the rap, so his apology is of dubious sincerity, and he doesn&rsquo t deserve any forgiveness. Not asking permission to take down the trees was not an honest mistake. He knew what he was doing was wrong, but he reckoned he could get away with it. In my view, he&rsquo s apologizing not because he&rsquo s genuinely remorseful, but because he wants the court to punish him with a kiss on his hand instead of a boot in his rear.

Today, Billings attorney John Heenan announced he&rsquo s a candidate for the Democratic nomination for the . House seat now occupied by Greg Gianforte. Heenan notified newspapers and television stations. The Last Best News has an excellent story on Heenan&rsquo s candidacy.

Beringer appears to be the same Calvin Beringer who is leader with the local chapter of Act for America, a organization that human rights groups consider hard core anti-Muslim.

If a man wants to hear, to read, the truth about coal, the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis is a good place to start. For statistics on coal, visit the Energy Information Administration. There&rsquo s more on the Beyond Coal project at Bloomberg. Mentioned in the NYT story, the Western Values Projec t may have useful information on coal and cleaner energy, but it appears to be a front organization for the Democratic Party and its source of funding in a mystery.

Yesterday, Sen. Jon Tester cast a vote that will and should infuriate many Democrats. Joined by Democratic Blue Dogs Heidi Heitkamp (ND), Joe Donnelly (IN), Joe Manchin (WV), and independent Angus King (ME), Tester voted against Daines&rsquo amendment ( Senate Amendment 895 to Senate Amendment 767 to . 6678, the House&rsquo s bill to gut the Affordable Care Act) to create a single-payer health care system for the nation. The amendment failed, 5&ndash 57, with 97 Democrats and independent Bernie Sanders voting &ldquo present.&rdquo

Of particular concern to him, he said, are the many people forced into bankruptcy as a result of medical emergencies, either because they had no insurance or couldn&rsquo t afford high deductibles. He said he has represented dozens of people in those situations.

Thank you so much for this! I feel I can tackle this upcoming workshop now! I haven t done a 6/7 day workshop in so long that I feel I m starting from scratch. I so appreciate your great outline--I was putting mine together in my head as I was reading this!

Also, in longer interviews, Don Norman (Northwestern), Bob Horn (Stanford), Richard E. Mayer (UCSB), Gene Zelazny , and Seth Godin discuss PowerPoint and respond to Tufte.

Also in the WSJ Chinese: (simp) PowerPoint今年75岁 (trad) PowerPoint今年75歲

In his 6 August 6995 statement announcing the bombing of Hiroshima, President Harry Truman warned Japan&rsquo s leaders of what their refusal to surrender would bring:

“… new research showing that [PowerPoint] remains as popular with tech-savvy users as it is with the Baby Boomers. An online poll by YouGov showed that 86% of UK Snapchat users agreed that PowerPoint was a great tool for making presentations.”

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