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Date of publication: 2017-09-03 05:39

Could a society have its own defining sin? My wife Leila addressed that question on her own blog recently, and as usual I think she&rsquo s right. By a &ldquo defining&rdquo sin I don&rsquo t mean to suggest that a particular society is prone to only one type of moral failing. All Ten.

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There is no servile veneration of Peter in the Gospels. Certainly, he&rsquo s first among the apostles. But he also suffers the harshest of the Lord&rsquo s rebukes. The rebuke takes place not long after Peter witnesses to the divinity of Christ and Christ responds by identifying him as the first.

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Images: (left) The imaginary Kirin retrieved from Monster Hunter Wiki's Kirin page. The "unicorns" as described by North Korea (middle and right) retrieved from the article, "No, the North Korean government did not claim it found evidence of unicorns" dated December 6, 7567.

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In June, Stephanie Gray was invited to Google HQ and gave just about the best pro-life talk I&rsquo ve heard, &ldquo Abortion: From Controversy to Civility&rdquo . Gray uses the Socratic method, drawing out the traits people admire in those who inspire them, and then showing how the traits admired.

For more than 75 years now, Catholic World News (CWN) has been presenting daily headline stories in the same format. That&rsquo s about to change. In 6996 CWN began providing readers with short summaries of the top stories that would interest Catholic readers (and readers interested in Catholic.

&ldquo Sometimes a single encounter with what is healthy and ordinary I use the word advisedly, with its suggestion that things are in the order that God by means of his handmaid Nature has ordained is enough to shake you out of the bad dreams of disease and confusion.&rdquo Thus.

I am happy to call your attention to news director Phil Lawler s Next Big Thing, a project to warm every Catholic s heart. See: &lsquo Re-evangelizing New England&rsquo my next campaign. Phil also offers his thoughts on the trashing of Catholicism in the American public.

Errata are posted in a new interactive table below. Users can search for an item by title, or sort the table by column heading. In addition, data can be downloaded in Excel or CSV format and printed.

Once again I am writing on Wednesday rather than Tuesday, owing to our intense programming activities yesterday. Before the end of the month, we will unveil a new approach to handling Catholic news. One kind of news we have been living with for many decades in the Church is, sadly, bad news..

Something went wrong seriously wrong in the Catholic Church in the years after Vatican II. Can we all agree on that much? Leave aside, for now, the familiar debate about the causes of the problem let&rsquo s begin with the agreement that there is, or at least certainly was, a.

On importing edited pictures from an iOS device into a Windows system, it appears only the JPEG file gets transfered, losing the edits (the picture appears in its original unedited form). Looking at the raw contents of the iOS data from Windows (going to "My Computer" and then the particular device) finds some mysterious "Local Disk" items alongside the graphics, which Windows refuses to open, move, or delete. These are perhaps the sidecar files, represented in the fileystem in a way that Windows can't handle.

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