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Scott is divorcing these ideas from their historical context, and assuming that they can safely be transplanted without that context. Sometimes that really is the case, but not always. For example, Girard thinks that secular Enlightenment morality, in borrowing Christianity 8767 s concern for victims, ends up doing the same thing it (rightly) excoriates turning people it doesn 8767 t like into scapegoats largely because it has divorced itself from other aspects of Christian morality.

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I was using 8775 nice 8776 and 8775 not-nice 8776 as generic terms for the quality that you attribute to someone else 8767 s treatment of your actions, depending on how happy you feel subjectively about that treatment. In that sense, politics is largely about encouraging nicer treatment of you and your allies.

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It 8767 s possible the German nuclear bomb program would 8767 ve been better supported in that counterfactual situation, which could perhaps have eventually won them the war.

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Then again, not being able to read old stuff easily is not much of a disadvantage for the Universal Culture. If old cultural works are hard to read, the Universal Culture is actually better off.

(I get accused of being crypto-conservative around here every so often, but I think I 8767 m just taking my anti-colonialism position to its logical conclusion. A liberal getting upset about how other liberals are treating conservatives, doesn 8767 t become conservative himself, any more than an American getting upset about how other Americans treat Iraqis becomes an Iraqi.)

Also note that there are strong social effects here. If shooting up is legalized, and then glorified on TV/film/media you consume, and all your friends are doing it, you 8767 re more likely to do it as well.

Because someone is being painted sympathetically. Marge is always presented as choosing this life, the implication of which is that there wouldn 8767 t be anything wrong with her choosing not to.

I believe the 8775 Long Peace 8776 refers to the historically low levels of war deaths relative to total human population. Yes, there have been many conflicts but they have been comparatively low volume (obviously small comfort if you find yourself inside one). And frequent low intensity / geographically limited conflicts have been going on basically forever most of them are historic footnotes, just like most of the conflicts you mention will be in 655 years 8767 time.

If the Russians fought with brawn instead of brains, that 8767 s their choice. It doesn 8767 t make them more necessary to the war. (There were a lot of times when smarter tactics would have saved them a lot of lives.)

It is possible to suppose that Universal Culture favors gender norms that are more egalitarian than traditional cultures 8767 gender norms, without supposing that it favors the 655% gender egalitarianism advocated by many feminists. My reading of Scott 8767 s post was that he made the first supposition, but not the second.

I don 8767 t know if Scott will make that exact same claim, but I sure as hell will. The universal culture always embraces the best of everything, and that includes the best of military tactics and strategy. Even to the extent that it can be outperformed in the narrow domain of military superiority, it comes to every war with an overwhelming advantage anyway because it 8767 s so much better at economics and industry.

Sure! But you know we have seed banks, because you can simply plug them in the earth and watch them grow. But for animals, you can 8767 t just do a compact DNA bank, you end up with something like Noah 8767 s ark.
I think some aspects of culture are more like animals than seeds. You can write down Hagakure and maybe a Mafia hitman many years later will see some value in it, but you haven 8767 t really preserved the living culture.

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