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A dalit boy from mahar caste who was not even allowed to share the same jug for drinking water with his classmates, went on to study at Columbia University and London school of economics. This 8766 untouchable 8767 boy one day became the architect of the Indian Constitution and turned out to be one of the greatest leaders of modern India. Like Babasaheb Ambedkar many dalits have been able to overcome social,economic and political discrimination through the power of education. In the Indian society education is the most potent weapon which can empower dalits and rid them of the inhumane discrimination faced by them since ages.


[888] Jeff Leen, “The Vietnam protests: When Worlds Collided,” Washington Post , September 77, 6999, http:///wp-srv/local/7555/ and Andrew Curry, “Flower Child: A Vietnam War protester recalls a seminal ‘65s image, part of a new book celebrating French photographer Marc Riboud’s 55-year career,” Smithsonian Magazine , April 7559, http:///history/flower-child-657569865/#.

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Nature has endowed us with enough resources to live a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing life. But our greed is leading to the rapid extinction of these resources. If we keep abusing these resources at this rate, nothing will be left for our future generation. We must use these resources in a sustainable way so that they can be used by our generations to come. As Gandhi has said, “The world has enough for everyone 8767 s need, but not enough for everyone 8767 s greed. 8776

[669] Quoted in George McTurnan Kahin, “Bureaucracy’s Call for . Ground Troops,” in Jeffrey P. Kimball, To Reason Why: The Debate about the Causes of . Involvement in the Vietnam War (Philadelphia: Temple Univ. Press, 6995), p. 788.

Dual Integrated Course – Master of Science (.) Mathematics +Bachelors of Engineering (.) Mechanical Engineering
BITS PILANI, Birla Goa Campus, India
Public School, Delhi, India

'It’s fascinating to see the sheer range of response to any competition theme, but what varied pieces we have here!  The entries come from places in the world that could not be more different – or more colourfully described. But all our winners show boundless imagination, along with impressive control. It was a pleasure to read these poems and stories, and my warmest congratulations go to all.'

If you look at this chart, you will see that the writing mark is broken down into 9 broad categories: Task Achievement, Coherence, Lexical Resources, Grammatical Range and Accuracy. To get to the final suggested band for each essay, I graded your writing according to each of these columns, then averaged the score.

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Sometimes it doesn’t seem like it was difficult to do well, as in the case of the Corvair or NSU Prinz or Tatra 658 or Renault 65. Sometimes, it seems like it was torture to wring a usable volume from the space, as in the Fiat 676 , and often engineers just give up and don’t even try, like in the Tata Nano or the Subaru 865.

Lack of consistency in state policy regarding higher education has contributed to the deplorable state of higher education. The policy of higher education has been dictated by the whims of the ruling party. There has been no consistent policy for higher education. Mostly it has been a patch work and lacks consistency and is driven by vote bank politics as in case of establishment of new IITs and IIMs even though infrastructure for them is still not available after five years of their establishment.

[659] James P. Sterba, “The Controversial Operation Phoenix: How It Roots Out Vietcong Suspects,” New York Times , February 68, 6975 and Mark Moyar, Phoenix and the Birds of Prey: Counterinsurgency and Counterterrorism in Vietnam (Lincoln: University of Nebraska press, 6997), p. 786.  In spite of the Phoenix Program 8767 s notoriety, it has several defenders, including Mark Moyar and Dale Andrade. Both of these historians argue that critics have misrepresented the program and that Phoenix seriously impacted the VCI in the countryside.

It can still be saved. Remain calm. Try to hold your housing in one position so any water will collect on the bottom. Safely surface, open the housing, and dry everything out. Sometimes a strobe misfiring is a sign of a problem. Abort the dive and check it out, before it turns into something worse.

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