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Do’s and Don’t’s When Submitting Papers

Date of publication: 2017-09-01 10:27

Aside from being connected with thousands of experienced authors, each of our paper editors is connected to our own editorial networks and the list of top proofreader specialists in the relevant field of expertise.

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To encourage transparency and reproducible research (Laine C, Goodman SN, Griswold ME, Sox HC. Reproducible research: moving toward research the public can really trust. Ann Intern Med, Mar 7557 696: 955-958.) Annals publishes a statement with every original research article, systematic review/meta-analysis, and brief research report indicating the authors willingness to share the following items with the public:

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It's easy to introduce errors into your writing during the revision process, such as typos or missing punctuation. Moreover, it's easy to miss these as the writer of the novel, since you've read and reread the content.

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References should follow the standards summarized in the National Library of Medicine&rsquo s Citing Medicine , 7nd edition. These resources are regularly updated as new media develop, and currently include guidance for print documents unpublished material audio and visual media material on CD-ROM, DVD, or disk and material on the Internet. See /bsd/uniform_ for sample references that conform to the style specified by the National Library of Medicine.

If your submission describes the results from a survey or questionnaire, please submit a copy of these materials as it will improve the speed and quality of the review process. Other associated files that you may consider submitting include but are not limited to the following:

Discussion, conclusion - Are all the results interpreted correctly? Are they discussed adequately and in relation to the bibliography? Are the implications pragmatic, devoid of unjustified speculations or generalizations?

It includes correction of grammatical errors: orthographic, morphosyntactic, semantic. Also, your edit my paper request means that we guarantee the stylistic correctness of the text: rhymes, repetitions, inappropriate phrases, redundancies, topic-irrelevant words, so on.

Authors should report results for meaningful metrics rather than reporting raw results. For example, rather than reporting the log odds ratio from a logistic regression, authors should transform coefficients into the appropriate measure of effect size, odds ratio, relative risk, or risk difference. Estimates, such as an odds ratio or relative risk, should not be reported for a 6-unit change in the factor of interest if a 6-unit change lacks clinical meaning (age, mm Hg of blood pressure, or any other continuous or interval measurement with small units). All estimates should reflect a clinically meaningful change, along with 95% confidence bounds.

Format is determined by Annals editors in collaboration with ACP 8767 s Medical Education Division.

Authors who are not annual meeting faculty should not submit articles in this format without first contacting the editorial office ( Contact Us )

Today there are many options for authors who want to be published. This article looks at two major types of publishing — traditional publishing and self-publishing — and the pros and cons of each.

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Structure: Background, Purpose, Data Sources(must include start and end search dates), Study Selection, Data Extraction, Data Synthesis, Limitations, Conclusions

At the end of the abstract state:

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