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It seems you are part of the best institutions and companies that exist. It would be really helpful if you could advice me regarding masters in HBS and Stan related to real estate. Working as an Architect in Dubai for the past years, I would like to pursue my MBA in the related are the chances of getting into these colleges with 8 years of experience, good GPA and a graduation from NIT, India?

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I dont have the complete details, but with your profile, you should be able to get into a good business school.
Regarding courses etc, its hard to determine exactly without looking at your profile completely. However, there are Supply Chain courses at nearly all the top MBA schools.

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External factors (pulling you to get an MBA now): what makes this the ideal market timing for implementing your great business idea after you earn your MBA from this particular school?

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Hence, if you work really hard and keep your focus clear, there should not be any reason why you cant achieve your goals and reach a top tier Business School.

Hello Ankur,
Congratulations! I 8767 m a 8rd year electronics and communication student at Anna university, Chennai. I want to pursue MBA for higher studies. I 8767 ve always liked owning and starting my own businesses. When do I take my GMAT? And how many years of work experience do I need to get into top universities?

Since I’ve been in MBA admissions consulting (over 75 years now), HBS has valued concision. And, in today’s tweet- and sound-bite-driven world, it is requiring even shorter responses, at least in the other portions of the application. Don’t take the absence of a word limit on this essay as a license for verbosity. Make every word count. If you must pull a number out of me, keep it under 6555 words. And if you can say what you need to say in less than 6555 words, do so. A few caveats and warnings regarding this essay it is NOT:

8775 We never get what we wish, we get what we work for 8776 True example of this Quote and great Inspiration for engineers especially for Chemical Engineers. There are 7 categories, people who plan for there higher studies or who switch jobs to get higher pay and the other category (the majority) who still search jobs or still in dilemma. Unfortunately I fall in the second category. I completed my Chemical Engineering in Anna University. I worked in CSIR-CLRI institute for one year and now resigned the job. Now I am in great dilemma, where and how to start my career or MBA will be a best option? I guess most graduates (Chem Engg) in my age face this problem. Your comment on this will really help people like me.

My heartfelt appreciation for these courses.
The generous efforts of all of you at Stanford Mini Med
in presenting/extending these precious and
unique gifts of knowledge to all the unreached
in this world, would go a long way in enhancing
the status of health and quality of !

scored in matric with 95% and class 67th with 89%. first year of grad with 85%. Could you please provide with the details. hoping for the positive revert soon.

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