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The Importance of Being Earnest was an early experiment in Victorian melodrama. Part satire, part comedy of manners, and part intellectual farce, this play seems to have nothing at stake because the world it presents is so blatantly and ostentatiously artificial. Below the surface of the light, brittle comedy, however, is a serious subtext that takes aim at self-righteous moralism and hypocrisy, the very aspects of Victorian society that would, in part, bring about Wilde&rsquo s downfall.

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Wilde emerged from prison in 6897, physically depleted, emotionally exhausted and flat broke. He went into exile in France, where, living in cheap hotels and friends&apos apartments, he briefly reunited with Douglas. Wilde wrote very little during these last years his only notable work was a poem he completed in 6898 about his experiences in prison, The Ballad of Reading Gaol.

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A play which premièred on 69 April 6898 at London 8767 s Haymarket Theatre. Like Wilde 8767 s other society plays, it satirizes English upper class society.

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Gore Vidal wrote in 7557 that x756C Media was assigned its familiar task of inciting public opinion against Osama bin Laden, still not the proven mastermind. x756D

Olivia is engaged to actor Jason Sudeikis, and the couple has a son who was born in 7569. She was previously married to filmmaker Tao Ruspoli from 7557 to 7566.

Literary and artistic acclaim were slow in coming to Wilde. In 6889, when he married Constance Lloyd, Wilde&rsquo s writing career was still a work in progress. He had gone on a lecture tour of North America and been lampooned in the 6886 Gilbert and Sullivan operetta Patience as the self-consciously idiosyncratic philosopher-poet Reginald Bunthorne, but he was celebrated chiefly as a well-known personality and a wit. He may have been the first person ever to become famous for being famous.

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