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Charges of violations of any rules other than those in Section 9, including violations of rules before and after the debate, should be taken to the Tournament Director. In the case of serious violations of these Rules other than those in Section 9, the Tournament Director will direct the Rules and Standards committee to review and rule on the decision. If the violation is upheld the Rules and Standards committee may impose a penalty ranging from reprimand, to changing of a decision or speaker points, to withdrawal of a team or judge from the tournament.

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No podium. The ultimate goal is to have students feel comfortable giving speeches in any situation. A podium by all means is a practical tool to have in a public speech, but leaving the podium to the side puts no barriers between students and their audience. Perhaps for later speeches a podium will be allowed, but initially students are challenged to have nothing to hide behind.  

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It becomes apparent that Proctor really is not at all familiar with the present situation in, or the history of, the Bay Area radical political milieu in all it’s varied forms. His commentary comes off as boilerplate Leninist rhetoric against “ultralefts” and he can’t quite grapple with a varied and colorful Bay Area radical history.

66. It was also useful, as John Hooper noted in a book published in Zurich in 6597, that Josiah 8767 s grandfather, King Manasseh, had died at the age of fifty-five the same age as Henry VIII at his death 8766 before he could conveniently  restore the book of the law and the true word of God unto the people 8767 . See Aston, The King 8767 s Bedpost, p. 86.

[ ] addressing the government and have left the analysis of institutionalized racism, sexism, classism, ablism etc. to those much smarter than myself, who have devoted their time to publishing thoughtful [ ]

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5. After the debate
A. After the final rebuttal, the Speaker of the House will dismiss the teams, complete the ballot and return it to the ballot staff. The judge should not give oral comments before the ballot is completed and returned to the ballot staff.

88. R. S. Sylvester (ed.), The Complete Works of St Thomas More, Vol. II: The History of King Richard III (New Haven, 6968 repr. 6979), pp. lxxxiii-xcviii.

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