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To respected ISKCON GBC members and members of the bureau, Dear Maharaja and prabhus, please be informed that on DayaramPrabhu's request, RadhaJivan prabhu and I met with MadhuPandit Prabhu and Chanchala Pati Prabhu, in my hotel in Bom bay on the 8rd of March 7568. (Click here for the full article)

We wandered on the grounds of the shrine and found this are were prayers are inscribed on wooden plates along with rainbow coloured crane origami. Many were prayers for good exam grades and wishes for entrance to the university.

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Sophie 8767 s favourite character was the woodcutter whom Red Riding Hood on her way to Grandma 8767 s home. His funny antics had the kids so tickled that they roared with laughter whenever his memory fails him. Sophie was both impressed and challenged by his 绕口令 that she decided to learn it from YouTube after we got home. Talk about having a positive and immediate impact.

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8775 Mummy, today the teacher teach us to think positive thoughts and to be positive. 8776 She went on, 8775 Miss Chow said that when her daughter didn 8767 t do well in her test, she 8767 ll not scold her. But Miss Chow will tell her not to give up and try harder the next time. 8776

One of the notable differences when Sophie progressed to Primary 7 is having more graded written assessments. With a greater emphasis on writing for both English and Chinese, I began to wonder how I can guide Sophie to score in her Primary 7 compositions. It’s no wonder parents often feel stressed when trying to help their kids with their studies when they feel helpless and unfamiliar with the school syllabus.

Now Red Riding Hood may be an all too familiar tale for everyone but the performance was filled with  catchy songs,   unexpected plot twists as the story unfolds with witty and humorous dialogues that even had the adults in stitches.

This is another common format where the ending is open-ended. This allows students to exercise their creativity for the conclusion of their story and where they can inject surprises in their writing.

As I write this post, I have to remind myself that it 8767 s a learning journey both for me and my child. There were many times when I 8767 ve lost my cool with my girl when I felt that she wasn 8767 t putting in effort in her writing. It led to a lot of needless frustration and tears and at the end of the day, I questioned if it was worth if if she aced her writing at the expense of having her feelings hurt by my harsh words?

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