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Date of publication: 2017-07-09 04:27

Because it is embodied in the brain, the mind can control the actions of a body. The mind is normally unaffected by its own quantum level uncertainty (excepting when we want to be creative and unpredictable ).

Mind-Body Identity Theory - Information Philosopher

Our mind/brain model emphasizes the abstract information content of the mind. Abstract information is neither matter nor energy, yet it needs matter for its concrete embodiment and energy for its communication. Information fits well with the common-sense notion of spirit , or with behaviorist philosopher Gilbert Ryle 's derisive " ghost in the machine."

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Thus our mind/body model explains how a relatively immaterial, "free," unpredictable, and creative mind can exert downward causal control over the adequately determined material body through the self-determinate and responsible actions selected by the will from an agenda of alternative possibilities.