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This time they were telling me it was going to be different they were always saying this time would be different. I asked them how a small, poorly funded start-up company could go against a giant corporation, which was also the undisputed king of our market, with nearly $955 million in quarterly revenue. After signing a non-disclosure agreement, I was let in on the big secret, the meaning of the &ldquo C&rdquo in the company name: we were going to use recent innovations in carbon nano-tubes to revolutionize the industry. These nano-scopic cylindrical fibers that allow unparalleled circuit density would be David&rsquo s tiny, secret sling.

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My numbers are 667/ so I want to apply early to get a good shot at the top tier schools. But I also feel I don 8767 t have a good topic for my personal statement. I came to the US as an immigrant 6 years ago and I decided to use this in a diversity statement. Besides that, I feel I am left with 8775 why do I want to be a lawyer 8776 as a topic. Can I write about it? I also looked at some of your youtube videos and I have to say, the reason behind my decision is not based on experience such as undergoing litigation.

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We hope the free personal statement samples with critique assist you with creating your masterpiece. But for more direction on how to write a personal statement please read our article on Writing Personal Statements and the complete TLS Personal Statement Book. While these resources convey information on personal statements for law school, they can also apply to other graduate programs. For even more free personal statement examples, visit the personal statement forum with over 755 personal statement samples.

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Elizabeth, it is NOT off limits, and I hereby openly disagree with anyone who says it is.
Some people chose to address this in an addendum explaining grades during college and then leave their personal statement open for something else, but it 8767 s fine as a personal statement also of course!

Depending on the Master’s degree or . program being considered, there will be varying levels of competition to grab some of the coveted positions. Since many applicants may have stellar academic records, the admissions committee often uses the candidates’ personal statements as a tie-breaker of sorts to decide which applicants to accept and which applicants to reject. So doing a good job on the personal statement is paramount.

WOW, Jerry, I 8767 m very impressed with your story. I want to read about both!!!! Many schools allow a diversity statement so you can break things up that way.

The following items are requirements for citizens or permanent residents of the ., who are applying for the . program. Please see Admission Timeline for deadlines.

The LSAT (Law School Admissions Test) is required of all applicants. There is no minimum score requirement for the LSAT, but reviewing our student profile will indicate to you how competitive your score might be at Lewis & Clark. To register for the test and to check administration sites, please visit . LSAT scores older than five years will not be accepted.

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