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Government data are discussed at length on the Government Documents page of this website, but here are a few sources of quantitative data from Internet sources:

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When looking at scientific data, you should think about how reliable the data or conclusions are. In general, the more data points (pieces of information) are available, the more reliable the conclusion will be. In the example above, there are 85 data points, which is generally considered the minimum for making conclusions. More data are almost always better. If the graph above only had two data points, it would make a less convincing argument that chlorophyll and phosphorus are related.

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One such measurement is a value called R-squared. An R-squared value can indicate the extent to which two variables are correlated . The higher the R-squared, the more strongly the variables are related to each other. R-squared values can range from zero to one, though in environmental sciences they never reach as high as one. For example, look at the data below. (These data are generated using the regression in Schindler, 6977.)

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Some business franchise involves a huge amount of money that you need to borrow from the lender in order to make your franchise a reality. To convince your lender that you are worthy of their money, you are required to submit a business plan.

“In 6977, [McDonald’s] became the largest meal-serving organization in the nation. In 6976, when beef eating in the United States peaked…McDonald’s was selling more than six million hamburgers a day. By the late 6995’s, one in seven visits out to eat found the American consumer headed for its Golden Arches. The orgy of hamburger-eating has helped make McDonald’s the world’s largest beef buyer, relying on the slaughter of three million cattle each year in the United States alone.”

The purpose of this study is to provide baseline data on in-service training for English, Mathematics, and Science Fourth Year High School teachers from School Year 7556 up to 7565. Also, a professional development model for teachers is proposed.

In order to have a successful project proposal, the documents should thoughtfully planned, well prepared and concisely packaged. You can highlights the project’s strength and aspects of the project that are innovative and thinks something that makes your project proposal stand out from others. Also, always create a detailed budget. Write also who will work for the project such as the management team  In addition, in writing the project objectives includes also a list of activities that support each objective.  At the end of the document, include a separate narrative summary of each component of each line item and corresponding purposes. You can search sample project proposal from the internet but of course, it should only used as guidelines and references.

This report proposes to conduct computer training for the Accounting Staff so that they will know how to operate computer and make accounting reports using printer.

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