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Great informative article. Previously I have been a supporter of the Sans Serif fonts. However, after various tests I have found that Serif fonts contributes to a smoother and more efficient reading of text. From a logical perspective, you might argue that serifs contributes to a more spacious and variation richer reading experience.

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That preference is your bosses, not yours. Although you never come out say what your own preference was/is, I agree with blackbear that the page has a tinge of pro sans bias. Very interesting and useful though. Thanks.

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I 8767 m am inexperienced with some techniques that I viewed on cable from the show 8766 Doomsday Preppers 8767 The US seems more advanced than we are, our police force can 8767 t even stop a person killing innocent citizens in my own neighborhood after watching him for hours.

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Dr. Art Bochner and Dr. Carolyn Ellis have published Evocative Autoethnography: Writing Lives and Telling Stories with Routledge Press. Congratulations!

This would seem to preclude them from interfering in human activities. as per the general superstition held in all cultures, but noticeably missing from the Hebrew OT.

I have a print disability and sans serif is a more accessible for me. It 8767 s not preference and when I create alternate format for students I use sans serif. The little extra strokes are just extra. I enjoyed the break down on font features. This is something I need to spend more time working with to improve readability in the alternate format I develop.

There are some high profile studies which claim to show the superiority of serif typefaces ( Robinson et al., 6988 Burt, 6959 Weildon, 6995 ) but these have been soundly criticised on points of methodology. ( Lund, 6997, 6998, 6999 ). See this post for a more detailed critique of Weildon 8767 s research.

Fantastic Guest Greg. I have always found Steve so interesting and as a Christian, glad he is out there sharing his life 8767 s work. Yes please have him on again.

Elizabeth Jeter successfully defended her dissertation, “The Communication Constitution of Law Enforcement in North Carolina’s Efforts Against Human Trafficking.” Congratulations Libby!

Again, Paul uses this style of speech elsewhere (. :6-8) of the power that now rules mankind … he elsewhere shows that this power is “SIN”, which he and Christ ‘personify’ as the ruler of this world (:67, :89).

But, I provide specifics for amusement the ways in which you can make text harder to read by bad typography (or bad type) are innumerable. I am not surprised to read that, all other things being equal, minor changes such as the difference between equally appropriate serif fonts and sizes vs sans-serif fonts and sizes have little effect.

I recognize that it has a very 75s look, but don 8767 t you agree that it 8767 s more legible than Helvetica? Of course, one of the problems with sans serifs is that so few of them employ two weights! I wonder why that is.

Applying a similar progression to the tools we use for writing, we go from Times Roman (what we want) to Courier (what we can do with a type-writer) to IBM Golf-Ball (Choices! All those double-spaces can vanish along with mono-spacing! Let 8767 s be modern and use sans-serif!) to the Arial or Verdana we use today. OK, I 8767 ve missed several stop-offs, such as those machine-readable typefaces, along the way, but you get it: The font conveys the idea the readability comes (as much as anything) from familiarity with the tools and their product.

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